Paul Norton & Co Solicitors

We work hard to provide a high level of care for all of our clients.  Our aim is to understand what you want and only when we can do that and understand exactly what you want will we be able to do our Job – representing you and giving you to the highest standard and assisting you in the best way we can.  We know no other way.

In Family matters, by specialising in Family matters, divorce, Matrimonial finance and Children Law matters.

In Wills and probate matters, providing these services to you in clear and understandable words so that you understand what you are getting and how you are benefiting.

From Private Client Matrimonial cases to Wills and probate, we endeavor to give all our clients a first class service. We are committed to ensuring that cases are progressed smoothly and putting our client’s needs first.

At Paul Norton Solicitors in Luton, we believe that
quality family legal advice and services should be available to everyone at a reasonable cost. Our Family Team offers practical,
sound advice in a caring and sympathetic manner.

We are a Luton solicitors with a down-to-earth, open and honest manner.
We ensure that we communicate with you in straightforward terms so that you can understand what is happening at each and every stage of your case
Whether you need help with a family law matter, or a probate our solicitors will do everything possible to fight for you and achieve the best possible result.
We have provided our services to the Luton community and beyond since the firm formed in 1997.
We do court representation and advise in conference.
We will assess you for eligibility for legal aid and if you do not qualify we can offer sympathetic fees.

If you need help with a family matter, matrimonial finace case, divorce or other family or probate matters, then our
Solicitor, Paul Norton, would see you in a free appointment to discuss your case and assess your case.

All clients are assessed for eligibility for legal aid, free of charge.

As family solicitors in Luton, we believe that quality and cost effective advice
should be available to all members of our local community. We offer discreet specialist
guidance and aim to reduce anxiety and minimise conflict, whilst protecting the best interests of each our clients.

If you need help with a family matter, or a probate case, divorce or family finance case, then our Family Solicitor,
Paul Norton would see you in a free appointment to
discuss your case, in the strictest of confidence.

We make certain that clients know their rights and responsibilities and aim to keep to the forefront, the needs of the family and children involved.

We can advise you as to whether you would be eligible for a Legal Funding Certificate (Legal Aid)

But if you are not eligible for a Legal Funding, Paul Norton Solicitor can still offer competitive rates for representing you on a private fee-paying basis.

Our Divorce Fixed Price Plans are are available. We also offer fixed fees on Wills and preparation of specialist documents. We offer hourly rates for other areas of Family Law, and
for divorce clients who either prefer this or who have more complex needs.

We offer a wide range of services in Wills, Powers of Attorney
and probate services, and Divorce and Family law to suit your budget and wishes. And we provide a written quote for the agreed work.
Our promise is that the price we quote will not be changed. .

We appreciate that in this line of work it is not always 9 – 5.  We often work at weekends or at times to fit in with you.  Most people work all day and so only their evenings and weekends are free.  We can see you at weekends, either at our offices or at a time and location suitable to you and your family. We also provide home visits.

We service clients based in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and sometimes even further to cater for previous returning clients.

We are a small practice offering one to one care and outstanding client care either at our office or in the comfort of your own home.  We are available out of hours and hope to work with you and your family both now and in the future.