Will Writing Solicitors

A Survey in January 2018 by Macmillan Cancer Support showed that 42% of people don’t have a Will. And of those who say they have a Will, 8% had made their Will void by getting married and not updating their Will.  (Getting married revokes an existing Will.)

  • One in 5 people admit to will blunders such as leaving things in their Will to ex-partners.
  • Nearly 10% of Wills have not been updated to include their children or grandchildren
  • The list goes on.

A properly drawn up Will makes sure that all of your savings and assets will pass to your family in the way that you direct and want it to without hassle. Unfortunately a badly drawn Will or even having no Will at all can mean that your savings and assets will go in the way that someone else wants, or in some cases even benefiting relatives that you did not even know about!


Making a Will can seem a difficult task which is why many people put it off and don’t have one.  Don’t put it off another year.  Do it now.

Let us help you make your Will for you.  It can take as little as ten minutes.


5 Easy ways to make a Will

  • Telephone Wills  Call Now:  01582 494970.  Telephone instructed Wills available.
  • Will by Letter: Contact us through the right of this web page and we will send you a will questionnaire in the post to complete and return to us.  We will then prepare your Will and return it to you ready for signing.
  • Will by home visit:  Telephone our out of office team and arrange a home or hospital visit by us: 01582 494970
  • Will by email:  Email us and we can send you a questionnaire to complete.  Complete the questionnaire and return it to us and we do the rest.
  • The traditional way:  Just contact us and come into the offices.  Meet one of our experienced team’ sit down with a coffee and let us prepare your Will in the comfort of our offices.