Meet the Team


Paul Norton (Solicitor)

Paul Norton is solicitor and member of Resolution and sits on Paul Norton & Co. Solicitors management. His full-time role is to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit of the company by focusing on the new initiatives and new business that have characterised the firm’s development.
Paul has extensive experience in divorce and family law matters, wills and probate, and legal matters.


Georgina Heley (Office Manager)

What Georgina enjoys most about working at Paul Norton & Co. is that every day is different. Whether it’s negotiating, learning about new cases or helping out people in need she finds that there is never a dull moment in the office! Georgina knows how helpful that can be in understanding people’s cases.


Karen Russell (Accounts Manager)

Karen joined us in June 2006 working as the Account Manager. Karen’s role involves accounting and monitoring client’s cases and chasing cases when there is no response. With her clients in mind, Karen will always work towards achieving the best results. Out of the office, you will find Karen in a beer garden sunning herself or researching the best place to eat out in the city with a good glass of red.


Jackie Walker (Administration Manager)

Jackie is practically part of the furniture. One of the longest serving members after the partners, she heads up the administration across all of the products on offer in the Paul Norton & Co. Solicitors office. In her spare time, you’ll find her baking bread and dreaming of living in the countryside