When someone dies, it is the duty of the Executors to manage the property and money of the deceased.  All of the property, money and items owned by the deceased are called their “estate”, and in most cases the executors are entitled to a time period of one year deal with the estate.  This is sometimes called the Executors’ year.


The Executors are usually appointed in the Will.  If there is no Will, then it will be someone who is close to the deceased, and there is a statutory list of priority as to who is most entitled to manage the estate of the deceased.


A family death is a difficult time in anyone’s life. It is also the beginning of a time when much work is required to ensure that the wishes in a loved one’s Will are carried out precisely and their estate will need to be protected. There may also be tax that can be saved.  Property will need to be transferred, legacies will need to be calculated and taxes paid.


At Paul Norton & Co. Solicitors we are here to help Executors perform their duties in a timely and legal fashion.  We offer a range of probate services and practical advice and guidance at this difficult time.  We work to suit your wishes. From assisting you with only part of the estate, to providing a full and professional complete administration of the deceased’s estate.

Each person’s Will and estate is unique to them and we have experience in dealing with many and considerably different types of estates.


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With regard to our costs and expenses, we are always happy to defer costs and to advise in advance. Therefore no initial payment up front is required.  Our reputation has been built upon trust. We only take payment at the end when all of the work is complete and you are satisfied.

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